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About Eagleview
Eagleview Inspection Service
Corporate Philosophy
Eagleview attaches great importance to sustainable development. It has been making every effort to foster a healthy and safe work environment and to minimize the adverse impact to the environment.
Eagleview not only strictly observes all the current practicable legislative requirements and guidance concerning the HSE and welfare of personnel, but also established a HSE organizational department responsible for the risk management, emergency response, incident investigation and HSE training.
In order to protect the health of employees, Eagleview organize general medical and instrumental examinations once a year. The employees are also called on to implement the vaccination against the contagious diseases. The employees are forbidden to drink alcohol on the work site. The employees are demanded to fulfill the measures of general and industrial hygiene to prevent occupational diseases and infectious outbreaks, which greatly reduce the illness.

Eagleview is striving to prevent any incident from impacting on the safety of the personnel. We implement all the applicable safety measures to carry out the work safely and to ensure that the employee remain safe at all times.

During the working, a safety meeting is held periodically. Eagleview provide all necessary personal protective equipment, devices and clothing for the personnel on site. The equipment and devices are maintained in good condition, and are used according to the instructions. No chemical, hazardous or toxic substance is allowed to use unless the quality controller and the project manager approve.


Protecting the natural environment is one of the prime duties for Eagleview. Eagleview takes all applicable and reasonable measures to prevent pollution and minimize the waste generation. On the worksite, the liquid and solid waste is collected in appropriate containers and then transported to final disposal. To prevent or minimize dust generation, no waste is allowed to burn without the approval of the relevant authority.

Once the incident happens, the personnel are obligated to inform the Company of the incident as soon as possible and the Company will take remedy measures immediately.

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