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About Eagleview
Eagleview Inspection Service
Corporate Philosophy
Rich Experience
Eagleview focuses on high-end clients on petroleum, petrochemical, industrial equipment, construction materials, fabricated structures, tanks and static pressure equipment.Eagleview has been serving for the world's top ten largest petroleum oilfields and has built close cooperation relationship with world-top third party inspection company. Due to the rich experience in the industry, Eagleview are familiar with requirements and operation process of the international high-end users.
Simplified Management System
Our simplified management system contains one administrative personnel, a financial personnel and well-trained project coordinators. This system reduces the operating cost, and ensures a more economic inspection service for the customers.
Quick Response to Clients
Eagleview holds point to point control & communication during the inspection. A dedicated coordinator is assigned for each project, and the email of the clients will be replied in twelve hours.
Clear, Timely and Comprehensive Inspection Reports
After the on-site inspection, the inspectors will write clear and timely inspection reports (Mainly in English) to the customer. The reports include the inspection report, inspection release certificate, non-conformance report, pre-inspection meeting report, supplier assessment report, loading report, expediting visit report, coating inspection report, daily report(if applicable), weekly report(if applicable).
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